Cherry Wood Steins!

  Alex Ferri, of Mystic Wood, handcrafted 30 of these gorgeous steins for the HJFD CD Release on March 31st, 2016, at Toronto's Lula Lounge. By the time I finished the 3rd show of the CD Release tour (at the WECC in Winnipeg, MB) they were all gone. I called Alex the next day from Dauphin, MB, to order another batch - which have just arrived, and which are now available to order. Damn, these things are so beautiful and SO badass. I feel very lucky to have a co-conspirer like Alex in my corner, and to have such a unique piece of merch to accompany this year's celebration of the new album. "All my friends work their dreams with their hands." That lyric. of Old Man Luedecke's, from his manifesto of a song "I Quit My Job," applies as much to Alex Ferri - who was able to leave his job of many years as an arborist and, as a result of his work on this project, to launch his woodworking business fulltime - as to anyone I know. Every time I hold one of these steins in my hands, I'm inspired to work on songs; I'm inspired to make more beauty, any way I can. When you purchase one of these wooden vessels, you're not only gaining a piece of gorgeous (and very practical) art, you're also enabling more art to happen, by me and by Alex, and, I'll wager, by others who will be sparked and motivated to make something beautiful of their own. It's a delicious circle! Here's to making things, friends (I'm hoisting my own 20 oz sten as I say this), and to future collaborations between artists of all kinds. Promotionally yours! CR.