Singer/storyteller Corin Raymond has been playing 6-8 pm Thursdays at the Cameron House for 17 years; well, 17 and a 1/2, if you wanna get technical about it. The lineup: CORIN RAYMOND, emoting from his Canadian-as-fuck repertoire of original songs along with covers you've never heard, but should; BRIAN KOBAYAKAWA, who when he's not touring with Serena Ryder or Jill Barber is killing it on upright bass in the "red-velvet twilight"; MIKE T. KERR, as impossibly-talented a guitar player as he is a one-of-a-kind human being; and TREASA LEVASSEUR, on piano and accordion, singing like a songbird and lighting the place up like a Christmas tree. Speaking of which, "Christmas lights and booze" sums up the vibe at the Cameron. As for what to expect? Corin's banter is fast and loose, the music's warm and wooden, and the audiences are the nicest people around, from near and far. Best two hours you can spend in Toronto on a Thursday. Pay What You Can (you can never pay what they're worth). 'Nuff said!