Book #4: Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

This is the only book so far on this list that I will absolutely read again. Pure storytelling magic. It put me in mind of the Tom Waits lyric, "I wanna know... we all wanna know... how's it gonna end?"…Read more

Book #3: Unknown Man #89, Elmore Leonard

I’m an Elmore Leonard fan and as a teenager I spent a lot of hours hanging with his eccentric underdogs, small-time crooks, and their off-kilter dialogue. But this 1977 story of Detroit process server Jack Ryan's search for a…

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Book #1: Our Kind of Traitor, John Le Carré

I grew up with a man who's slightly Le Carré-obsessed. Le Carré titles (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley's People, The Russia House, A Perfect Spy) make me feel cozy and safe whenever I see them,…

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The Hundred Book Plan

  I have a book problem. I know you're aware of my postscript problem (and it's comforting that you care), but it's nothing compared to my book problem. In short, too many years of buying books and not enough reading them…

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